Other Packaging Material

Other Packaging Material


Every box needs to be well taped top and bottom with a 2 to 2 ½ inch gummed or masking tape for additional strength and to prevent opening. Approximately one roll of tape for every 15 to 20 boxes should do. You can buy the tape from a local hardware store or from American Quality Movers.


All furniture should be wrapped in blankets for its protection. However, we recommend that you leave this job to the movers: they will do it free of charge.

Original packing

If available, use the original packing material for your electronic items (ie, TV, computer).

Wrapping Paper

A plain newspaper will do fine for this purpose, but be careful because the print will run. For items you would like to keep clean of ink, you can buy unprinted white packing paper from American Quality Movers.


For long distance corporate moves and residential relocations, American Quality Movers can provide the highest quality service that is both reliable and affordable. We have been in the corporate and residential moving industry for more than 10 years and our team of experts is always prepared to go the extra mile.